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Additional Rankings

  • Ranked 2nd in the nation for "Colleges with the Smallest Gender Gap in Earnings from Graduates," Forbes 2018
  • Ranked 4th 2018年cnbc在全国“25个值钱的大学”中占有一席之地
  • 在财务顾问中排名第五“10所学院为学生提供最好的帮助," 2018
  • Ranked among the "Top 25 STEM Colleges," Forbes 2018
  • Ranked 25th 2018年,由商业内部人士称,“为你的钱提供50所最佳学院”
  • Ranked 5th in the nation among the "10 Private Colleges That Are Worth the Price" by CNBC, 2017
  • Ranked 5th 在investopedia的“拥有最高收入的27所大学”,2017年
  • Named one of the "15 Best 重视小学院的数学学位“2017年最具价值学校。
  • 在全国排名前50位的研究型大学 College Choice, 2016.
  • Named by MarketWatch in 2016 as one of the top schools in the nation for getting women into STEM careers.
  • Ranked 6th in Forbes“毕业后工资最高的大学名单”,2016年。
  • Ranked 1st 2016年nj高级媒体报道新泽西大学校友的收入情况。
  • Ranked 5th highest for median earnings by Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce in a 2015 study, "Your College: Where You Go and What You Make."
  • Named by Money as one of the "25 Colleges That Can Land You a 6-Figure Career Without Grad School," 2015.
  • Ranked 17th in the nation by Affordable Schools in its 2015 list of the 50 Most Entrepreneurial Schools in America.
  • Ranked 35th in the nation for value by The Economist, 2015.


Students walking together on campus


  • Ranked 74th 在美国最好的国立大学类别 U.S. News & World Report's Best Colleges 2020 edition.
  • Top 25 "最具创意的学校" in the nation U.S. News & World Report, 2018.
  • Ranked 9th in the nation 计算机科学学位 USA Today, 2016.
  • Ranked 1st 最佳学位课程“30个干学位小型学院”名单,2015年。


  • Named one of the top 校内MBA课程 在普林斯顿评论的“全国最佳商学院2019”中。
  • Ranked 1st for online master’s in management information systems by Online College Plan, 2019.
  • Ranked 2nd 在商学院开设的15个最佳在线MBA学位课程中
  • Ranked 8th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report 最佳在线研究生信息技术课程,2019年版。
  • Ranked 22nd in the nation by U.S. News & World Report “最佳在线研究生工程课程”,2019年版。
  • Ranked 14th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report “最佳在线研究生商业课程(不包括MBA)”,2019年版。
  • Ranked 45th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report 最佳在线MBA课程,2019年。
  • Ranked 75th 在中国最好的工程学院类别 U.S. News & World Report's “最佳研究生院”,2019年版。
  • 在tfe时代排名全国第10 2019年最佳业务分析硕士课程.
  • 在tfe时代排名全国第12位 2019年最佳管理硕士课程.
  • 在tfe时代排名全国第13位 2018年金融工程硕士课程.
  • Ranked #3 获得2018年最佳大学排名前25位的管理课程在线硕士学位。
  • Ranked #4 by The Best Colleges' Top 25 Online Master’s in Information Systems Security Programs for 2018. 
  • Stevens' Systems Engineering graduate program ranked 33rd nationally in the Industrial/Manufacturing/Systems Engineering category in U.S. News & World Report's “最佳研究生院”,2020年版。
  • Ranked #6  in the Percentage of Doctoral Degrees Awarded to Women by School in 2017, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).

  • Ranked #7 Among the 30 Best Online Master's Degrees in Computer Science by Best Computer Science Schools, 2017
  • Ranked  #11 通过大学选择获得计算机科学最佳在线硕士学位。
  • Ranked 23rd 在大学选择的50个最佳在线工程课程中。
  • Ranked 1st in the nation for "Online Master's in Information Systems: Top 20 Values 2017" by College Values Online.
  • Ranked 10th among the "Top 30 Online MBA Programs in Business Analytics 2017" by Online MBA Today.
  • Ranked 5th in the nation 通过大学选择管理学位课程的最佳在线硕士。
  • Ranked 15th for the number of engineering master's degrees awarded in 2017 according to the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).

Men's Volleyball Team Posing with NCAA Trophy


  • Ranked 17th 在2017-18赛季的学生体育总监杯赛中排名第一。
  • 赢得2015年ncaa男子排球全国冠军 Championship.
  • Named the 2008 and 2013 Eastern College Athletic Conference Institution of the Year, honoring the ECAC Institution which exemplifies the highest standards of collegiate academics and athletic performance.
  • Captured the CAANJ Cup, honoring the N.J. DIII institution with the most athletic success, for the 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons.


Students talking on a bench

Campus Life, Safety & Sustainability

  • Ranked 3rd 最佳大学城由普林斯顿评论,2019年。
  • Ranked 3rd  在2019年的利基排名中获得“美国最佳大学位置”
  • Top 20 因为2019年的普林斯顿评论“城镇礼服关系很棒”。 
  • Top 5 在2018年的利基排名中,“新球衣中最安全的大学校园”。
  • Ranked 排名前100位的大学中排名第33位 in the U.S. for eco-friendliness and sustainability in the SaveOnEngergy 2017 Green Report.
  • Recognized as a "Green College“通过普林斯顿评论,2017年
  • Recognized as a "霍博肯绿色企业“由霍博肯市,2017年。
  • Ranked 19th in the nation 2017年由普林斯顿评论的“最积极参与社区服务的学生”。
  • Ranked 5th in the nation 由cappex在其2015年“最安全的大学”名单中。



  • 史蒂文斯很荣幸 2018年美国教育/忠诚投资理事会奖 进行制度转型。
  • 史蒂文斯总统纳里曼·法瓦尔丁很荣幸 2017年学术领导奖 由纽约卡内基公司提供。
  • 史蒂文斯总统纳里曼·法瓦尔丁的名字命名为 NJBIZ Power 100 List 2017年新泽西州最具影响力的人物。
  • 史蒂文斯总统纳里曼·法瓦尔丁命名 Educator of the Year by the Research & Development Council of New Jersey, 2016.
  • Stevens finished in 1st place 在2015年美国完成能源部(doe)太阳能十项全能。
  • Stevens recognized with the 2015 Knowledge is Power Award from New Jersey Technology Council.
  • Russell Rogers, director of Athletics at 澳门太阳城官网, named a Division III Administrator of the Year by the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC), the nation's largest athletic conference, 2015.
  • David Dodd, chief information officer at 澳门太阳城官网, received CIO of the Year-Non Profit honors from the New Jersey Technology Council, 2014.
  • Stevens' WebCampus 被美国远程学习协会(usdla)授予荣誉 2016,2015,2013,2011,2010,2008和2006。
  • 史蒂文斯获得了质谱技术的新专利。
  • Stevens' Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) awarded $60 million, five-year IDIQ contract from U.S. Department of Defense.
  • Stevens' Science and Technology Studies Program received grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • Stevens' Workshop on Nuclear Issues Education received grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York.



  • 史蒂文斯研究员斯蒂芬妮李接受了 2019年nsf职业生涯奖 to fund her research in engineering green, portable and cost efficient solar panels and other power sources.
  • 史蒂文斯教授mukundan iyengar获奖 2018年爱迪生专利奖 from the Research & Development Council of New Jersey for his innovation in internet browsing trends.
  • 博士。阿图拉湾attygalle收到 2017年爱迪生专利奖 from the Research & Development Council of New Jersey for his patented work in mass spectrometric analysis utilizing helium-plasma and charge-exchange ionization techniques.
  • amy regan '17被选为2018年的收件人 ncaa今天的十大奖项
  • Stevens student Veronica Pidduck selected for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship for the 2017-18 academic year through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.
  • Stevens biomedical engineering students Connie Maglaras and David Ferrara won best graduate and undergraduate poster, respectively, at Johnson & Johnson’s 2017 Annual Engineering Showcase and Poster Competition.
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  • Stevens professor Yu-Dong Yao elected to the National Academy of Inventors for his outstanding research in wireless and communications technologies, 2015.
  • Stevens researchers Dr. William Rouse, Dr. Michael Pennock, Annie Yu, and Ph.D. student Kara Pepe awarded a $400,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for research in healthcare systems, 2015.
  • Stevens professor Dr. Jose Emmanuel Ramirez-Marquez awarded NSF grant for research on resilient infrastructure, 2015.
  • Stevens professor Dr. Vikki Hazelwood elected to the National Academy of Inventors for her outstanding contributions to scientific and technological innovation, 2015.


In partnerships with federal agencies, Stevens maintains two national research Centers of Excellence.